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Copper River Salmon: Full of Flavor, Healthy, and Sustainable

So what's the big deal ... why is Copper River Salmon so popular? Every year in mid May, the Copper River District in Alaska opens it's rivers for fishing. During this time, after spending several years in the waters of the North Pacific, adult chinook (King) and sockeye salmon return to their spawning grounds by way of the Copper River. Prior to the start of their journey, these salmon gain fat by stuffing themselves with feed to survive the 300-mile journey up the river. This large amount of stored fat & high oil content is what sets these fish apart. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Copper River Salmon is a very healthy protein. For the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, long-term sustainability of Copper River Salmon is a top priority. Populations are regularly accounted for and the department works tirelessly to ensure that yearly escapement goals for salmon reaching the spawning grounds are met. Chinook Salmon is most common in the first part of the Copper River season, while sockeyes peak at the beginning of June. Prized for their distinctive taste, both types of salmon are extremely versatile and are often prepared in their simplest form.

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