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Chef's Spotlight: Danny Catullo, Owner of Catullo Prime Meats

1. Where are you from originally? I was born in Youngstown, Ohio. 2. When did you start cooking? I started cooking with my mother when she was making new meals out of leftovers. I remember turning pot roast into barbacoa tacos, meatloaf into open faced sandwiches, and roasted chicken into soup. I fell in love with inventing new dishes. 3. Tell us about your mentor(s). What did they teach you? My grandfather was my mentor at the butcher shop. Beginning at the age of 14 he taught me every part of the business. The processing side, how to speak with customers, and how to control costs without sacrificing quality. 4. What did you learn growing up in the family business? It was both difficult and amazing to have your last name on the front window. From an early age I was perceived as an industry expert. I learned that if I wanted to be able to help as many people as I wanted to, I would have to learn how to cook and prepare our products. I began talking to the experts that shopped at our store, studied cookbooks, and watched every cooking show I could find on TV. 5. What is Catullo Prime Meats like today? We are an old fashioned butcher shop that still carries meat off the rail. We have a store front, cater events, sell dinners-to-go, and host cutting demonstrations. Our customers are people who love good food & the freshest ingredients. 6. Which chefs inspire you? David Chang, Michael Symon, and Jonathan Sawyer - I love how they take simple dishes and recreate them, yet are committed to using the freshest ingredients available. 7. What is your favorite cut of meat to work with? Why? The whole chuck roast. Primarily for it's value and versatility. It makes great chuck tenders flat irons, chuck eyes, and boneless short ribs if cut correctly. 8. What is the best part of your job? The fact that every day is different, talking to people about food, and teaching people about the craft of butchery.

9. Tell us about Why did you start it? What makes it different? FoodECrave is an online marketplace that works with small businesses to sell and distribute their perishable products nationwide. My partner Dave and I saw how hard it was for entrepreneurs to sell perishable goods online and wanted to simplify the process, lessen costs, and make ecommerce possible for them. 10. What does life outside of work look like? I love bocce, coaching my kids, cook outs, and sports. 11. How do you hope to be remembered? As a connector of people, a great conversationalist, and an innovator. 12. Why do you work with Land & Sea? The people and the product. From the president, Ron, to my salesman Andy, to my favorite driver, Rich; the whole crew takes care of me and my businesses to make sure that we are successful.

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