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The Monthly Cut: Beef Industry Update (July 2017)

Chefs & Restaurant Owners, As your trusted meat supplier, it is our job to keep you up-to-date on seasonal market changes in beef pricing. Today, let’s take a look at boneless strip loins – more specially NY Strip Steaks. At Land & Sea, we refer to Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July as the “Big Three” … these three holidays create enormous demand for strip steaks. Every year, from late spring to early summer, strip loin prices rise to nearly unsustainable levels. Why? Who knows … Is it because they look better than any other steak on the grill? Well – perhaps. That’s awfully tough to argue. So what does this mean for you, the chefs and restaurant owners? We have officially begun the gradual, dependable 4-5 month decline in strip loin pricing. This decline typically begins in mid-July and lasts until mid-January. Our Take: It is time to take advantage of this market shift as soon as possible. If you don’t have a strip steak on the menu, consider adding one. Pricing a menu item based on today’s costs will make it increasingly profitable in the weeks and months to come. Before you make a commitment to strip steaks though, try featuring them as specials. Already have strip steaks on the menu? Even better. Include strip steaks on your catering and party menus - now and in advance for the holiday season. We recommend offering whole strip loins as a carving station alternative to a lip-on ribeye. When December rolls around, strip loins may be as much as HALF the cost that they are today. There are many more ways to take advantage of annual market shifts like this one. Let’s work together. Let us help you think of creative ways to take advantage of strip loin pricing. Give it a shot. Use Certified Angus Beef when you offer this steakhouse classic; your customers and your bottom line will both be grateful.

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