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Globally Sourced, Locally Operated; Hawaiian Seafood Spotlight

In an ongoing effort to offer the finest selection of fresh seafood available, Land & Sea is proud to partner with a number of fresh Hawaiian Seafood vendors. At least once a week, Land & Sea purchases fresh fish from Hawaii. It is shipped overnight and is received the next day. What makes Hawaiian seafood so special? Hawaii’s fresh seafood is famous for its exceptional quality. It is not uncommon for a fish to be processed, shipped, received, and delivered within 48 hours of a boat’s landing. How are the fish caught? Hook and line is the only method used by Hawaiian fishermen. No nets are used. Extremely sustainable, long line fishing is the preferred form of hook and line. Where is the seafood caught? Most Hawaiian Seafood is caught near the Port of Honolulu. Nearly 75% of all fish caught in Hawaii are processed here. Is Hawaiian seafood sustainable? Absolutely. Every fishing vessel is registered and every catch is recorded. The Hawaiian Seafood Council works closely with scientists and fishermen to preserve healthy populations for years to come. What are the different types of Hawaiian seafood available? Which are most popular? Tuna is the most desirable catch for many of Hawaii’s fishing vessels. With that said, Billfish (blue marlin, swordfish, striped marlin and spearfish) and Open Ocean Fish (moonfish, mahi mahi, wahoo, and monchong) are regularly caught and sold as well. How can I be sure that Hawaiian seafood is safe to eat? All fisheries in Hawaii are HACCP approved, a U.S. implemented system that greatly minimizes the risk of food borne illnesses. Immediately after the fish are caught, they are gilled, gutted, and iced to preserve freshness. All seafood shipped from Hawaii is carefully packaged in a climate controlled styrofoam with ice. How do I order? In addition to the rotating selection of Hawaiian seafood that arrives weekly, most other species can be brought in for our customers depending on the season. To ensure timely delivery, we ask for at least a 2-day lead time on these special order items.

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