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Vendor Spotlight: Joe Jurgielewicz & Son

A third-generation family farm since 1933,

Joe Jurgielewicz & Son has grown into one of the largest Pekin duck suppliers in North America.

Based in Hamburg, Pennsylvania (Berks County), the company works alongside 27 local farms and employs over 200 individuals to raise their birds.

Owned and operated by two veterinarians, animal health and welfare is the farm’s number one priority. Founded on the core belief that all of their ducks should be treated humanely, Jurgielewicz ducks roam free in large, spacious, temperature controlled barns. Their nutritious diet consists of corn and soybeans - no antibiotics or hormones are ever used.

To ensure that their quality standards are being upheld, the Jurgielewicz family employs a full-time duck welfare specialist whose sole responsibility is to train staff and care for the wellbeing of the animals.

Raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Jurgielewicz is the preferred pekin duck of many popular restaurants across North America – including Tao, Mr. Chows, Wild Ginger, and many of Wolfgang Puck’s dining establishments.

So what makes Jurgielewicz duck so special? First, after decades of testing, the meat to fat ratio is almost perfect. This means that Jurgielewicz duck will never be dry or greasy. Second, the company’s farmers guarantee flawless skin. A strict quality control program is in place to raise beautiful, healthy birds. Finally, the third thing that makes Jurgielewicz duck so special is precise sizing. Adopting strict and consistent farming practices, weight variances are extremely small, making portion control and preparation for our chefs much easier.

We are very thankful for our ongoing partnership with the Jurgielewicz family and are truly proud to offer “America's Tastiest Duck."

Learn more about Joe Jurgielewicz & Son by visiting their website.

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