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Delivering Products from Around the Globe


Fresh Seafood


Our fresh seafood is purchased within hours of hitting the shore, then either processed on-site or immediately chilled for processing at our facility upon delivery. We receive shipments of wild-caught and farmed products via truck five days a week and, usually, twice a week by air. Our fresh catches originate from a variety of ports on the East Coast and from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii – and it’s all delivered to the end-customer within 24 to 48 hours.

We take more shipments from more dock points than any of our regional competitors, and we often deliver it more quickly as well. In fact, over 85% of our fresh seafood products are received by the end-customer the next day.

Delivering 5 Times per Week
Dock to End Customer < 24 Hours

1. Prince Edward Island Region
Suppliers: 12
Mussels, oysters

2. Nova Scotia & Newfoundland
Suppliers: 20+
Ocean perch, halibut, cod

3. Maine Region
Suppliers: 10+
Lobster, cod, haddock

4. Boston Region
Suppliers: 40+
Cod, haddock, monk, swordfish


5. Cape Cod Region
Suppliers: 20+
Swordfish, cod, pollock, flounder


6. Rhode Island Region
Suppliers: 5+
Flounder, squid, skate, porgies

7. Long Island
Suppliers: 12
Swordfish, tuna, clams


8. Fulton Market
Suppliers: 10+
Swordfish, clams, flounder, oysters


9. Baltimore Region
Suppliers: 30+
Crabs, sea/striped bass, oysters


10. Virginia Region
Suppliers: 20+
Sea bass, fluke, spot, mackerel


11. The Carolinas
Suppliers: 10+
Sea bass, shrimp, flounder, croaker

Delivering 5 Times per Week
Dock to End Customer < 48 Hours

12. Miami & Gulf  Region
Suppliers: 40+
Tuna, swordfish, mahi, grouper

Delivering 2 Times per Week
Dock to End Customer < 36 Hours

13. The Hawaiian Islands
Suppliers: 5
Opah, wahoo, marlin, hebi, walu

Delivering 2 Times per Week
Dock to End Customer < 48 Hours

14. Alaskan Region
Suppliers: 10+
Halibut, king/sockeye salmon

Fresh Meats


Land & Sea, working The Certified Angus Beef® brand, sources beef from dozens of family-owned farms from across the U.S., in places such as Texas, New York, Iowa and everywhere in between. Unlike fresh seafood, fresh beef is often aged for maximum flavor.


Our other traditional and exotic meat products are sourced from U.S.-based farms across the country and occasionally from other parts of the globe, like Australia. All meat products are delivered in timely fashion for maximum flavor and freshness.


Frozen Seafoods and Meats


Truly a global supplier, Land & Sea imports frozen products from regions around the globe, including South America, Southeast Asia and the Asian Pacific, Europe and Australia.




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