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Land & Sea is delighted to offer Joyce Farms Chicken, the exclusive North American producer of Heritage Poulet Rouge® Chicken. Recognized by elite chefs as the finest tasting chicken in the world, our Poulet Rouge Fermier® chicken hails from the prestigious French Label Rouge Program.

Heritage Genetics and Unparalleled Taste

In 2003, Ron Joyce handpicked the “Cou Nu” or naked neck chicken from the Label Rouge Program during his visit to France. He named it “Poulet Rouge Fermier,” a unique title in America for this one-of-a-kind genetic line. Joyce Farms decided to import Label Rouge chicken genetics and raise these birds as closely as possible to the program’s high standards.

The Poulet Rouge chicken is known for its superior taste, exceptional meat texture, and thin, crispy skin. These attributes make it a favorite among discerning chefs and gourmands alike. The meat is slightly darker than most chickens due to its heritage genetics and pasture-raising practices that encourage natural chicken behaviors.

Pasture Raised on Small Family Farms

Heritage Poulet Rouge Chickens are raised on small family farms in North Carolina, adhering to Joyce Farms’ strict “never EVER” standards of purity. The chickens enjoy a wholesome diet of corn and soy, free from animal by-products, antibiotics, pesticides, and chemicals. Vitamins and minerals are added to their feed to maintain optimal health.

Joyce Farms raises their Poulet Rouge Chickens for a minimum of 81 days, as required by the European Label Rouge growing standards. This slow-growing process results in the exquisite flavor and texture that has become synonymous with the Poulet Rouge name.

To experience the unrivaled quality of Joyce Farms Chicken for yourself or to place an order, please contact your Land & Sea sales representative. Elevate your culinary offerings with the exceptional taste of Heritage Poulet Rouge® Chicken, a true testament to Mother Nature’s culinary gifts.

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