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Nordic Cod

Land & Sea takes pride in presenting Nordic Cod, a premium selection of wild-caught North Atlantic and Pacific Cod loins, fillets, and tails, as well as North Atlantic Haddock loins and fillets. These exceptional, wild-caught fish are sourced from sustainable fisheries, ensuring both quality and environmental responsibility.

Strong Partnerships for Consistent Quality

We’ve forged robust partnerships in Norway, Canada, and China to guarantee a consistent supply of high-quality cod. In response to market demands, we offer two distinct categories of products, both adhering to our strict specifications and food safety standards:

  • Fjord Fresh Cod – A premium, once-frozen cod that showcases the very best in taste and texture.
  • Blue Fjord – A high-quality cod option available at a value price point, making it accessible for various budgets.

Meeting Customer Needs with Versatility

At Land & Sea, we understand that each customer’s needs for cod and haddock may vary. That’s why we offer Nordic Cod in a wide range of sizes and forms, catering to various preferences and culinary requirements.

When you choose Nordic Cod for your menu, you can be confident that you’re selecting wild-caught fish that meet the highest standards for quality, taste, and sustainability. Your customers will appreciate the difference that responsibly-sourced seafood brings to their dining experience.

For more information about Nordic Cod or to place an order, please contact your Land & Sea sales representative. Elevate your seafood offerings with the unmatched flavor and quality of Nordic Cod and Haddock.

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