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Loch Duart Salmon

Land & Sea is proud to offer Loch Duart Salmon, a product that truly embodies our commitment to high-quality, sustainable, and ethically-sourced seafood. Loch Duart, a forward-thinking salmon producer, places fish welfare at the heart of its operations, implementing practices that ensure both salmon and cleaner fish thrive in a mutually beneficial environment.

Natural Solutions for Parasite Control

One of the innovative methods Loch Duart employs is the use of cleaner fish, primarily wrasse, as a biological control against sea lice. By introducing wrasse to the salmon’s environment, Loch Duart creates a symbiotic relationship where the wrasse feed on sea lice, and the salmon enjoy a clean habitat. This approach eliminates the need for chemical treatments, promoting a healthier ecosystem for all.

Supporting Sustainable Fishery Practices

Loch Duart sources its wrasse from a regulated wild fishery and actively supports government regulation. Additionally, the company invests in research and development for farmed ballan wrasse production, with the aim of reducing reliance on wild ballan wrasse and replacing them with farmed alternatives.

Low Stocking Density and Transparent Processes

Loch Duart is dedicated to maintaining low stocking density for its salmon throughout their life cycle, from hatchery to smolt to sea. This approach ensures that the salmon have ample space to swim and grow, resulting in healthier and happier fish.

Moreover, Loch Duart upholds transparency in its processes, never using hormones or antibiotics on its salmon and abstaining from anti-foulants on its farms. This pioneering approach to fish welfare and environmental management sets Loch Duart apart as a truly responsible and sustainable producer.

For more information on Loch Duart Salmon or to place an order, please contact your Land & Sea sales representative. Experience the difference that sustainable, ethically-sourced salmon can make on your menu.

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Cooked Salmon
Cooked Salmon